The Wild Kitchen

Lucia into the wild ❤️❤️❤️, the town, the seaside, always smiling and taking things in.

British forager, Lucia Stuart established The Wild Kitchen as a, 'restaurant without walls'; fine dining in remote beaches, woodland glades & Georgian townhouses. "Fresh 'living' food, gathered by hand will always taste the most beautiful to me because I understand its' history -be it a bowl of Winter mussels or garlic leaves in Spring. Learning how to identify & gather wild food truly gives one a feeling of freedom. It heals & nourishes body & soul".

The Past : Lucia (prononunced, “Lucheea”) began foraging & cooking in a Cornish valley as a very young child. Her culinary education flourished during ten years of owing a restaurant in the South of France. "I was Mentored by a botanist & War Veteran who came to the kitchen nearly every day with plants from the fields. Living in France there was absolutely no possibility of not using Le Terroir as much as possible". After France, Lucia cooked in commercial kitchens & Director's dining rooms in the heart of London; however, "rural life called me back, to live the cook that I am with a rich daily life close to wild food that I can gather myself with a supportive neighbourhood team.”  She moved to a coastal Georgian townhouse in Kent.

The Wild Kitchen : Kent is traditionally known as, ‘the garden of England”. The county has spectacular diversity of landscape; chalk cliffs, stormy seas & ancient woodland. After researching local wild food & connecting with the important foraging movement that began around The Good Shed in Canterbury in the early 2000’s, Lucia launched, 'Foraging with a Gourmet Wild Food Feast' in 2012. Since then, she has taught foraging to hundreds of families, featured on television/radio & partnered with corporate organisations to teach foraging. "Loyal customer support & a strong work team has enabled my business to thrive from the beginning. I never forget that".

Book As a Fine Art graduate, Lucia published ‘Eating Flowers’; (2011) foraging recipes illustrated by herself. A plant identification & hands-on cookery book for children. ‘I am trying to do for plants & seaweed what Beatrix Potter did for mice and rabbits."  Hardback available here £20 including P & P

The Future : Gourmet wild food feast TROPICAL in Sengal, West Africa, 2023. Plug into the magical culture & plant history of West Africa on this exceptional 'nature holiday' experience. If you would like to  know more please: email