The Wild Kitchen is a gastronomic foraging course. It was founded in 2012 by renowned forager & innovative wild food Chef, Lucia Stuart who champions nature history via the gathering of wild food. She is an author*, has been teaching for 25 years and is featured on International TV and British radio.

BACKGROUND: Lucia owned a French restaurant, in SW France throughout the nineties. The Restaurant Cafe du Livre,  featured in The New York Times. It was frequented by a botanist & war veteran named 'Juju' who came to the cafe with his arms full of plants for the menu. Food from Le terroir kindled an interest in the freshest and most seasonal ingredients straight from the land. The varying soils and different eco-systems are her culinary inspiration.

Her Bachlor of Arts degree and flair for cooking skills facilitated a unique approach and creativity towards plants and their landscape. The decade in France formed the foundation for The Wild Kitchen  today. *In 2011 Lucia published Eating Flowers, an illustrated foraging cook book for children for a reconnection with nature, good nutrition and simple recipes. She is working on her second wild food cook book.

TODAY : Gourmet foraging events UK & beyond. Bespoke experiences and plant & seaweed Events.

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